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Social Equity

AARO believes that poverty and a lack of equality in our community can—and already are—holding Central Texas back from achieving true excellence. The Social Equity Committee did extensive research on a core issue—the widening income gap between those who have not completed their educations and those who have. AARO created the Workforce Potential Project, which focuses on 38,000 low income Central Texas adults who aspired to a better life by enrolling in college but who never finished. Our goal is to create a defined pathway that allows at least 15 percent of these people to complete a two-year associate’s degree or certificate that qualifies them for a high wage job that is in high demand. AARO is also in the vanguard of finding solutions to our region’s shortage of affordable housing.

Big Bet

The Social Equity Committee will

  1. recruit the business community to provide scholarships, earn and learn positions and job opportunities for
    • underemployed adults enrolled in ACC’s Career Expressway and
    • Central Texas high school students participating in the Capital Academies, and will
  2. investigate the feasibility of Social Impact Bonds and other sources of funding for these and other workforce and human capital development initiatives.

Latest Social Equity News, Resources and Documents

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AARO Members Ms. Linda Watson, Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, Mr. Ali Khataw and Mr. Bobby Jenkins have been recognized for their contributions to the region.