Career Expressway: Labor Market Analysis

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AARO contracted with the Ray Marshall Center to research the Central Texas regional labor market in order to identify occupations in growth sectors that pay well while requiring less education than a baccalaureate degree, probe preparedness and credentialing capacity, and investigate employer perspectives regarding growth and opportunity in these occupations.

AARO Members Making a Difference in Central Texas

Landers Brannon AARO News

(1) Mr. Earl Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer – St. David’s Foundation is being awarded the Nonprofit Excellence Award by GreenLights for Nonprofits Success.
(2) The Austin Business Journal’s (ABJ) Profiles in Power Nominees include three AARO members…
(3) Ms. Linda Watson, President & CEO – Capital Metro was honored at the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) with the 2014 Executive of the Year award.

AARO Welcomes 2014 McBee Fellows

Landers Brannon AARO News

The Frank McBee Jr. Fellowship in Civic Entrepreneurship is a highly competitive program offering promising regional leaders a unique opportunity for civic leadership development.