AARO Celebrates 35 Years!

Four-hundred notable regional leaders convened for AARO’s 35th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon on Monday, September 21st. Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune, engaged Steve Murdock, Juan Tornoe, Alan Graham and Joe Cantalupo in conversation about how to create a vibrant equitable and healthy region for the 7.8 M who will call Central Texas “home” in 2050.  Tom Meredith, Community Visionary, explored surprising changes in our future.  Slam Poet Champion Christopher-Michael wrote and performed a poem inspired by AARO and Central Texas. "...Acknowledgement is a bridge to solutions. Empathy is a bridge to respect. Education is a bridge to equality. The sum total is a bridge to our future..." (Christopher-Michael, Austin Area Research Organization) Austin Area Research Organization - poem Christopher-Michael performs at AARO's 35TH Anniversary Celebration

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AARO Members Making a Difference in Central Texas

(1) Patsy Woods Martin was a winner at the Austin Business Journals Profiles in Power Luncheon (2) Carl Richie was selected as the 2014 National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Fellows (3) Earl Maxwell will be recognized with the Byron E. Cox Spirit of Caring Award on September 5TH (4) Charles Betts will be the special guest and honoree at the annual Friends of Front Steps Fundraiser Breakfast.

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Social Equity Indicators: Cost of Living

Quality of life is lessened if the cost of living keeps a family constantly at the edge of its means. Sustainability is concerned with achieving a balance so that meeting one’s own basic needs is within reach of everyone.