AARO Recognized as Architect of Change at Blueprint Leaders Summit

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On February 25th, the E3 Alliance recognized AARO as an “Architect of Change” award winner for its work to build community accountability for education in Central Texas.

“An Architect of Change is an individual or organization exemplifying true commitment to the regional collaborative change process and meaningfully impacting the goals of the Blueprint,” said Susan Dawson, President/Executive Director – E3 Alliance.  In 2011, AARO created a Community Accountability Team in order to lead community engagement activities for E3 alliance and lead implementation of Blueprint Goal #4: Central Texas as a community prepares every child to succeed.

AARO members and alumni attended E3’s Blueprint Summit on February 25th to receive the Architect of Change award.

From left.  Top Row: Leslie Weston, Alex Gonzales, Barbara Johnson, Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon, Richard Rhodes, Ashton Cumberbatch.

Bottom Row: Ed Sharpe, Ali Khataw, Dick Fonte, Christopher Kennedy, Jeffrey Richard, Parc Smith, Jesus Chavez, Bret Champion, Carol Thompson, George Martin, Denise Trauth, Larry Earvin, Pete Winstead, Susan Dawson, Pete Dwyer, Carolyn Gallagher, Martha Smiley, Jon Sloan, Don Christian, Tom Cedel, Earl Maxwell, and Andy Martinez.

Current members (2015) in bold.  Non-bolded names include AARO and E3 Alliance staff, McBee Fellows, and former members.